Social Networking

This is a YouTube video that explains social networking. YouTube is blocked in TPS, so you may need to watch this at home. Also, consider suggesting to your teachers the "Plain English" approach as a project assignment.
Social Networking in Plain English


That's Not Cool
That's Not Cool


Introduction to Blogging

  • This is an EduHound's Techtorial

Journaling with Students

  • This is another EduHound Techtorial that is a bit dated. There are some Do's and Don'ts and organization ideas on using blogs with students.
  • Students will automatically play with their blogs using "blog speak" and be entirely off topic unless you proactively tell them what will be expected. You might want to provide a rubric for them before you begin.
  • Each week you should provide a blog topic or question for students to write about.
  • See Blogger below.


Edmoto is a micro-blog especially for education. Teachers register to use it. The new version will be uploaded on Friday, July 31, 2009. That version's features include:
  • Microblogging
  • Store and Share Files
  • Privacy Controls
  • Public Timeline (RSS)
  • Notifications (SMS)
  • Class Calendar
  • Assignments & Grades
  • Share Links and Embeds
  • Subscribe to Feeds



  • Registration required.
  • I was unable to log off and stay logged off. That may be a browser problem though.
  • There are occasional misspellings, so it feels to me like a hoax site. The creators are from Ireland, but the misspellings are not because of that.