Building Blocks Tools

Converting Files Tools
Converts many different file types. Handy!
Media Convert
You can convert files up to 200 MB using Media Convert. Scroll down the page to see all the file conversion types available. Media Convert is free and does not require registration or software downloads.
You can convert files up to 100 MB using Zamzar. Go to to see the all the file conversions you can make. Zamzar is free and does not require registration or software downloads.
Open Source PDF Creator
You can download this PDF Creator and use it to create PDF documents from Windows files -- and maybe other files.
You Convert It
Convert online videos!

Screen Capture Tools

Snipping Tool on Vista
Vista has a snipping tool that allows you to capture all or part of your screen. Go to to get the simple directions.

GreenShot This is a small application that does a lot and quickly. I never found directions, but the reviews kept saying it was easy to use. I think a few directions are in order. Download it. It will be in your programs. Click on it. It will be open. To get it started, click on Print Screen. Once you do that, the application starts and you can create a box around what you want to capture. After that, you can add arrows and even text. Nice little application!
Kwout You need to add their bookmarklet which you can set to open in a new window, the same window, or both. This allows you to capture a part of the screen too.


Music: Copyright Friendly

Royalty Free Music

Go to to see more information about the links listed below. I only listed them in case this site became unavailable.

Copyright Friendly Music and Sound Joyce Valenza pathfinder.

Jam Studio

JamStudio Students can create their own music with JamStudio. Teacher needs to register to get a class scholarship.

MYBYTES registration.

Music: Non Royalty Free

If you have found some non-royalty free music that you want to use in your project, go to to find out how to contact the owner of the copyright (usually the publisher) to get a license to use the music.


Pictures: Create Avatars

Joyce Valenza Pathfinder
11 Sites to Create Your Own Avatar
I used the first one in the list: . You would need to preview each of these before selecting one for your students to use.
Free Photos and Wallpapers START HERE! Go to to read terms of use. Note: You need to scroll down to see the actual photos on each page.
Hero Factory
My Avatar Editor
Create Super Hero Avatar

Pictures: Copyright Friendly Pictures

Joyced Valenza's Pathfinder
Wikimedia Commons
Compfight Click next to Creative Commons until ONLY is displayed.

VideosVideo: EditingCreaza -- Use to edit Windows XP Movie Maker and Flipcam videos. Creaza also has an impressive comic creator.Jaycut -- Use to edit Windows XP Movie Maker and Flipcam videos.

Video: SavingYou Tube Videos

Kick You Tube
You actually start on the You Tube page. See the directions from Tammy Worcester's Tip of the Week #63. You need to subscribe to her blog!!
Last time I tried this, it took forever and then didn't work. Catchyoutube worked, still took a bit of time, and you have to field through ads, but still . . .
You don't have to download any software. It is a simple cut and paste process.
Some Notes: You need to register. No download is required. When typing in the security code during registration, it seems to only work if you use the number pad (for the numbers) on the righthand side of the keyboard. After registering, you click on Enter. Instantly an ad page will come up. Just go back to the main page. You will be waiting a while.

Video: Embedding videos