Creating Videos

Math Video Examples that Students have Created

Mathcasts Library
This is a collection of a variety of math tutorials created by students and teachers. Carver can do this too!!

Collection of student created math tutorials. Carver students can do these too! It would be fun and work as a community service.

A collection of short math video tutorials. You can submit math video tutorials that you create too. (We could also put them on our page.)

Ways to Create Videos

Mathcasts Directions

**Directions for creating SmartBoard math tutorial videos**.

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Jing – free software you need to download to made videos

Making Videos free ebook

Crazy Talk software
Use Flip video camera and
Video -- See In Plain English, Rap, and Wordia. See also: Movies.

Vocabulary -- See Wordia.

**Wordia** - Wordia is a web page of videos about word meanings. Our students could create these. Teachers might want to preview and select some of these to show students. The library also has a video from What's the Word? which is a commercial program with vocabulary videos. In those videos characters act out a script that explains a word. Use Flip Video cameras to create these.
Movies -- See Animoto, Photo Story 3, Microsoft Live Binder, Movie Maker, and Videos.