Organization Tools


Content aggregators allow you to keep up with the latest content you are interested in. For example, rather than going to multiple blogs (each with a different login and password), you can just go to your aggregator page and see all the blogs you read listed and just a click away. Any site that has an RSS feed can be added to your aggregator. You can use any of these as your personal home page.

Communication - BLOGS

See Social Networking page.

Communication - Voice, Video, Phone

See Connections page.

Graphic Organizers

Exploratree -

Storage - Electronic Portfolios

  • Word - Students can create an electronic portfolio and use Word to organize it. Click for the Eduhounds' Techtorial
  • PowerPoint - Students can create hyperlinks in PowerPoint also. NOTE: The key is to make sure to put all the student's digital work in a folder before beginning. You then create a PowerPoint or Word main page and save it in that same folder too.

Photos - Storage

  • Flickr
  • Picasa
  • Picnic
  • Cooliris

Photos - Editing





Integration Ideas:

      1. If you preview a movie trailer and find one that ties in with a book, show the trailer or part of the trailer as a booktalk.
      2. Sometimes there is a scene or advertisement that demonstrates an element of evaluating information. If you can isolate just the part you want to show, you could show that. (NEED TO KNOW: Is it possible to bookmark a scene or advertisement using hulu?)


    • Tiny Url - Can't remember all those long URLs? Can't seem to type those long URLs without making a mistake somewhere? Use Tiny Url! Paste any URL into the online application and turn it into a short, simple URL. Voila!
    • Krunchd - This site describes itself as Tiny URL on steroids! You can take a string of URLs and turn them all into ONE URL. For example, if you want to send an email that includes links to 5 sites, use Krunchd first. You can then just send one link that will provide all the links on your list. Try it! It's all about keeping things simpler, shorter, and easier to handle.